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Golden Age Simulations
 Stinson Junior for Flight Simulator FS2004


Golden Age Simulations has modeled the “best of breed” of the Stinson Jr and invites you to return the time when the sky was populated by round engines and birds that flew when our fathers and grandfathers were young.

Our offering includes three distinct aircraft, each with its own flight dynamics and sound file. A scenery package is also included of Antique Airfield in Blakesburg Iowa. Please take a moment to view the product video for more details

The first is the Wright powered SM-2AC this version gave the best performance of the line.

The SM-8A is the definitive version of the plane with at least 224 airplanes delivered. These fine machines were used by small businesses, bush pilots, private operators, and in a few cases, fledgling airlines. We have configured ours as it would have been if used to carry light cargo.

Our final ship is the Model S. This one might have belonged to a fairly well-to-do businessman who could have used it to visit clients in neighboring towns and cities.

Stinson set the bar for reliability and safety; some might say that if Eddie Stinson had not died young, his dream of reliable well designed and safe airplanes may have dominated the industry.

We hope you enjoy the models and along the way appreciate returning to the Golden Age, when flight was young.

This model was specifically designed for FS2004 and is not backward compatible with any previous version of Flight Simulator

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Stinson Model S   Stinson Model S
Model S Cockpit   Front view
Back view   SM2
SM2   Old Black Joe
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