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Stearman Model 4 Speedmail

The last and finest biplane model constructed by the Stearman Aircraft Corporation

The last and finest biplane model constructed by the Stearman Aircraft Corporation The huge Stearman Model 4 Speedmails were the last in a long line of wonderful, sturdy work-horses produced by the Stearman Aircraft Company. Produced between the years of 1929-1932, these well-constructed and yet graceful work-horses were custom made to order for various oil firms as well as wealthy sportsman-type pilots and by the many U.S. Air-Mail flying services/airlines of the Golden Age of Aviation.

One of the largest and fastest biplane designs of those glory years, it was known to be extremely stable and well-mannered, as well as giving fast cruise speeds, whilst carrying an enormous payload for the operator/pilot earning the young fledgling airlines and various companies a respectable profit on those Depression Era days!

Our package was designed with historical accuracy in mind. Within you will find a vintage VC cockpit with clickable controls and custom Stearman gauges. Slide forward into the passenger compartment and imagine what it must have been like cruising the Golden Age skies in the powerful Model E SC-1, the biz jet of its day, used by many major oil companies and wealthy playboy pilots of the 1930s! Strap in the Model 4DM Senior Speedmail and take on the elements at Durango Airmail, a scenery package especially designed for the Speedmail Package. With an altitude of 6500 ft MSL, itís not easy to get a fully loaded mail plane airborne and some didnít as evident at the end of the runway, at Durango!

Step outside your plane and youíll find that each aircraft has two historically accurate paint schemes representing actual aircraft either flying today or in museums. Included is the extremely rare Canadian Senior Speedmail. One of the first to fly the skies over Canada and now retired to museum exhibition. The National Air Tour Speedmail is here to fly, as well as those of American Airways and Western Air Express, companies destined to write aviation history as commercial carriers. In flight the pilotís scarf flaps behind him in the wind as he continuously scans the skies, piloting his way through the Golden Age Skies!

We designed the model to be an immersive experience, not only visually but auditory as well. Crank up your speakers and let the sounds of the big Pratt and Whitney roar, with a never before heard custom sound file by Aaron R. Swindle of Sky Song Soundworks. From the release of the inertial starter to run up and full power, the full dimension of this work of sound art places you in the aircraft as never before in any model of this type. You fly with your ears as well as your eyes and this package lets you do just that!

Itís all here for you in the Golden Age Simulations Stearman Model 4 Speedmail Package!

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