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The Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro Package for FS9

If any aircraft is associated with the Golden Age of Aviation, it is the Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro, dubbed the safest aircraft ever made. In 1929, aircraft designer Harold F. Pitcairn purchased the U.S. rights to copy Cierva’s invention and he started building his own autogiros in Pennsylvania. One of his first successful designs was the PCA-2 Autogiro. Only two PCA-2 Autogiros exist today – one on static display in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, and Steve Pitcairn’s flying “Miss Champion.” “Miss Champion” came off the line at the Pitcairn Aircraft Company in June 1931. The type was very much in the public eye, as two months earlier Amelia Earhart had flown one to an altitude record of 18,415 feet on April 8, 1931, and Pitcairn test pilot Jim Ray landed one on the White House lawn on April 22.

Golden Age Simulations is proud to bring to Flight Simulator this historic aircraft from the Golden Age. In our package you will find the three variants of this unusual aircraft, The PCA-2 in three historical liveries; Steve Pitcairn’s EAA Miss Champion, Johnny Millers Missing Link and The Detroit News, the US Navy XOP-1 and a PCA-2 Crop Duster. Each model is fully detailed and animated with a fully outfitted VC and a 2D panel. The flight dynamics are historically accurate with the model being capable of engine off autorotation. No other autogiro for Flight Simulator has been capable of this ability, to the extent that the Pitcairn has been modeled. Both the main engine and the rotor may be independently controlled just as the real aircraft performs. Special features include deployable banner tow and crop duster effect. Scenery and missions from FSRealScenes adds to the immersive experience of this package. So relive the Golden Age, with us, with the Golden Age Simulations Pitcairn Autogiro Package!

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