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Welcome to Golden Age Simulations

Golden Age Simulations was started to bring to the flight simulator community the aircraft of the Golden Age; the period between the Great War and World War II.  Initially designed to complement Lynn and Bill Lyon’s Golden Wings package for FS2004, our aircraft attempt to simulate, to the fullest extent possible, the great planes of that era.  Since beginning the journey in 2006, Golden Age Simulations has expanded support for MIcrosoft's FSX and now Lockheed's P3D.

So sit back and relax and let your thoughts go back to a simpler time; a time of wind in the wires and round motors; a time when the newspapers were full of feats of daring do by the pioneers of aviation, some famous and others now forgotten: a time when aircraft with names like Stearman, Taylor, Piper, WACO, Travelair, Curtiss, and Wright stirred the imagination and turned eyes skyward.  It was a time when the sky was literally the limit and if it could be imagined and built, it was flown.  And now with your imagination, our models and the flight simulator, turn back the clock and enter the Golden Age of Aviation with Golden Age Simulations.

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